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編號 名稱 作者 定價(元)
2 專利法*
Patent Act
蔡明誠 $300
3 專利檢索與專利分析
Patent Search and Patent Analysis
陳達仁 $300
6 新型專利形式審查基準及技術報告*
Guidelines for Formality Examination and technical report of Utility Model Patent
顏吉承 $300
8 發明專利實體審查基準*
Guidelines for Substantive Examination of Invention Patent
張仁平 $400
9 專利說明書撰寫及閱讀*
Drafting and Reading of Patent Specification
惲軼群 $300
10 發明專利實體申復答辯*
Responses to SubstantiveExaminations of Invention Patent
楊慶隆 $300
11 發明專利申請及說明書撰寫實務:機械、電子、軟體*
Practices in Applying and Drafting Patent Specification of Invention Patents:
Machinery, Electronics and Software Related Inventions
陳啟桐 $400
12 發明專利申請實務:化學、醫藥、生物科技相關發明*
Practices in Applying for Invention Patents:Chemistry, Pharmaceutics and Bio-technology Related Inventions
王惠玲 $400
13 新型專利申請實務*
Practices in Applying for Utility Model Patent
王錦寬 $300
14 設計專利申請實務*
Practices in Design Patent Prosecution
程凱芸 $250
21 商標法*
Trademark Act
陳昭華 $450
22 著作權法及相關案例介紹*
Copyright Act and Case Studies
張懿云 $300
23 網際網路與著作權*
The Internet and Copyright
陳曉慧 $300
35 美國專利訴訟實務
Practices in US Patent Litigation
張宇樞 $350
40 商標申請暨維護程序
Filing and Maintenance Procedures for Trademark Applications
賴文平 $300
44 商標侵害與救濟之實務及策略Remedying Trademark Infringement:
Practices and Strategies
陳昭華 $450
55 國際商標權公約及發展趨勢
International Trademark Conventions and Development Trends
陳昭華 $400
56 智慧財產案件審理法
Intellectual Property Case Adjudication Act
黃麟倫 $250
58 專利申請程序實務及基準*
Procedures and Guidelines for Patent Prosecution
王?娟 $350
63 商標申請實務暨審查基準*
Trademark Filing Practice and Examination Guidelines
章毓群 $250
67 設計專利審查基準
Guidelines for Design Patent Examination
魏鴻麟 $350
68 APP產業相關著作權議題*
Copyright Issues Related to APP Industry